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How It All Began

Melanie Dorey News

Welcome to Bags and Bobs!

I am lucky enough to spend part of my time in the UK (the summer) and the rest in south east Spain, where the sun always shines.

One of the lovely things about living in Spain is being able to shop for fresh produce in the local markets.  One of the not so lovely things is the possibility of having your purse stolen!

I needed a bag which could keep my purse, mobile and credit cards safe. Could hold all my purchases and avoid me emptying everything on to the pavement in the search for my car keys. It needed to go to the beach with me, go on flights, look smart, be washable, in fact be an all round "good egg".

My answer to all the above needs was the Brilliant Bucket Bag.

Having made a bag for myself, I was amazed to discover that my girlfriends and family wanted one too. Then their friends and family wanted them and soon Bags and Bobs came in to being.

Bags and Bobs range of bags and accessories is ever increasing and I really enjoy receiving ideas and suggestions.

I love every bag that I make.  I love the quality of the fabrics.  I love making sure the pattern on the front pocket aligns to the rest of the bag (important to me, but uses a lot of fabric to achieve). I love all the little things that set Bags and Bobs apart and I really hope that you do too.



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